As the #1 choice in Texas for electricity service, TXU Energy has a long-standing history of doing the right things for customers, right when they need it. Our promise begins with the basics — providing electricity plans with easy-to-understand terms and straightforward pricing customers can count on. But our responsibility doesn't end there – and neither does our commitment to you.

We’re committed to working to protect every TXU Energy customer from fraud and identity theft through awareness, prevention, detection, investigation and recovery, and to working cooperatively with retail electricity providers, regulators and law enforcement to fight utility fraud and identity theft.

Our goal is to make sure every experience you have with TXU Energy is a positive one. If you ever have questions or concerns, our customer care consultants are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you don't have to plan your schedule around when you can get the answers and support you need from your electricity provider.

How TXU Energy Protects Consumers

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TXU Energy has multiple controls in place to combat consumer fraud in the marketplace. Nearly a decade ago, TXU Energy formed a dedicated Fraud Management Team. This team’s mission, every day, is to combat energy fraud and, when fraud is identified, to protect any current or future customers.

In addition to working each day to identify energy fraud, TXU Energy has established internal processes to thoroughly investigate reports of suspected fraud. Dealing with fraud is challenging. Our goal is to work with the victim to investigate fraud allegations and to resolve them in a timely manner. In most cases, we will work directly with the person making a fraud claim to conduct our fraud inquiry. Lastly, TXU Energy has and will continue to work with federal and local law enforcement to prosecute perpetrators of identity theft.

TXU Energy Privacy Policy

TXU Energy and its affiliates recognize the trust you place in us when you give us personal information, and we’re committed to protecting the information you provide. If at any time you want to review your personal information for accuracy or to edit that information, please contact us at 1-800-818-6132. For more information, please read TXU Energy's privacy policy.

What Our Customers Can Expect

TXU Energy works diligently to protect you and your personal information. Scammers, however, can target utility customers directly, presenting themselves as employees of an energy retailer, survey company or workers for other local entities. Criminals also use stolen identities to open accounts fraudulently. To protect yourself from fraud scams, we want you to know what you can expect from TXU Energy when we interact with you in person, via phone and online. Below are some common examples:

From A Door-to-Door Representative:

If you are unsure that someone claiming to be a TXU Energy representative actually is, ask for their identification and do not let them into your home. Call 1-866-964-6911 and confirm their information.

TXU Energy representatives always:

  • Wear a lanyard or badge with the TXU Energy logo, photo, full name and certification number and will be glad to show that identification upon entering your yard or approaching your home or business. The badge also has a phone number on it you can call to confirm the individual’s identity.
  • Wear official apparel with a TXU Energy branded shirt or branding somewhere on their clothing.
  • Leave a welcome letter and packet with terms of service and details of the agreement if you choose to enroll in service with us.
  • Completed enrollments will initiate a third party phone call to verify details of the enrollment. The door-to-door representative does not ask for personal information.
  • The third party caller will set up the account with you over the phone, so they do ask for identification information needed to complete enrollment.

TXU Energy representatives never:

  • Perform door-to-door collections at your residence. [Suspicious Phone Scam Alert]
  • Ask for or accept cash, credit cards, bank account numbers or any form of payment for any type of service.
  • Need to look at a meter or come inside the premise to complete the transaction. They are allowed to enter your premise with your permission; however, you should never feel obligated to invite them. They can complete all necessary tasks from outside your home or business.
  • Ask customers to provide a driver’s license, Social Security Number or other form of identification.
  • TXU Energy representatives are trained to do bill analysis, so they may ask for a copy of your electricity bill, which you are welcome to share at your discretion.

From A Representative On the Phone

If you're unsure whether a call claiming to be from TXU Energy actually is (as scammers can often confuse your caller ID systems), please ask for the representative’s name, hang up and call TXU Energy at 1-800-818-6132. Do not share your account number, banking information or other personal information if you cannot verify the caller truly is a TXU Energy representative.

TXU Energy representatives always:

  • Identify themselves and provide further authentication if requested.
  • Protect your personal information. With the exception of the last four digits of your Social Security Number, driver’s license, or credit card number, your TXU Energy account records are masked.
  • Verify your account access information prior to discussing your account, which protects your information from scammers.
  • Place a phone call prior to service disconnection; warning of impending shut-off deadline, should you have a past-due balance.
  • When enrolling in new account services or renewing a contract with TXU Energy, you will be asked for personal information. If you are ever unsure the person calling is who they say they are, hang up, call the main TXU Energy customer care line and ask for that employee.

While TXU Energy or its representatives may contact customers or former customers by phone for various reasons, including the collection of delinquent balances, TXU Energy representatives never:

  • Ask you to confirm vital personal information beyond verifying the last four digits of your Social Security Number or driver’s license, and will only take credit card information when you wish to pay by phone.
  • Ask you to purchase a prepaid card and call back with the information in order to pay an outstanding or delinquent balance (Green Dot scam).
  • Call and demand that a payment be made immediately or risk power shut-off [Suspicious Phone Scam Alert]. If you were truly in danger of power disconnection, there would have been multiple communications alerting you to an impending shut-off date.

From An Email

If you're unsure if an email from TXU Energy is legitimate, do not click on any hyperlinks in the email; instead, please call TXU Energy at 1-800-818-6132 and verify the communication. If you are suspicious about an email claiming to be from TXU Energy, please also notify us at [Suspicious Email Alert]

TXU Energy representatives always:

  • Send billing information via email if you have opted for electronic delivery.
  • Send special offers to our customers and in some cases, potential customers.
  • Send communication/ reminders to customers when their account contract is close to renewal.

While TXU Energy may send messages to customers or former customers for various reasons, TXU Energyrepresentatives never send an unsolicited email:

  • Asking for you to provide personal information in an email.
  • Request that you update your information through means other than through or one of our customer care representatives. [Suspicious Email Alert]
  • Asking you to verify your identity, account or billing information via email.

The Bottom Line: If you're ever unsure that a call, email or person is truly from TXU Energy, please ask for the representative’s name and call TXU Energy at 1-800-818-6132 to verify the contact’s authenticity. If an email looks questionable or “phishy,” don’t click on any links. Don’t share your account number, banking information or other personal information if you cannot verify the caller or person is a TXU Energy employee.