TXU Energy and Marriott International Work for Energy Efficiency 

Few companies would pride themselves in helping their customers use less of the product they sell. TXU Energy strives to do it every day. Most electricity providers simply meet the energy needs of their customers — we’re working with companies to reduce those needs. 

It’s the cornerstone of our successful partnerships with Texas businesses. And it’s the reason we’re the #1 choice in Texas for electricity. 

Our partnership with Marriott International serves as a prime example of our dedication to reducing electricity usage and lowering costs for our customers. 

Auditing Facilities for Efficiency Gains and Budget Reduction 
Immediate opportunities for Marriott to realize electricity expenditure reductions were discovered through a series of retro-commissioning (RCx) audits. Designed to improve the energy efficiency and operation of a building, TXU Energy performed free RCx audits on seven Marriott facilities with a footprint of more than 2.4 million square feet. 

The audits enabled Marriott to implement no cost/low cost conservation measures, including HVAC temperature reset, start-up optimization and outside air reduction. 

Results of the RCx audits and implementation of the recommendations would help Marriott reduce electricity usage by 6,000 MWh annually, resulting in savings of more than $40,000 per year. 

Committing Actual Dollars for Facility Improvements 
With any hotel, the enormous water requirements make it a significant contributor to electricity usage and expenditures. At one Marriott hotel in Houston, the staff identified opportunities for efficiency gains in the production and pumping of domestic water throughout the facility. This would be realized through the installation of variable frequency drives (VFDs) at an estimated cost of $13,000 for Marriott. 

However, there was another option. TXU GreenBack, an energy savings solution from TXU Energy, provides companies with incentives for making a positive impact on the environment. With TXU GreenBack funds, a business can invest in and modify their facilities when they sign up on or renew a 12-month minimum term commodity contract with TXU Energy. 

Marriott took advantage of their partnership with TXU Energy and installed the energy efficiency upgrades, and we provided a rebate check for the full amount of $13,000. Implementation of the VFDs helped Marriott International reduce annual electricity usage by 140 MWh and 16 kW of demand, resulting in savings of nearly $11,000 per year. 

Reducing Grid Demand During Emergencies 
The Emergency Interruptible Load Service (EILS) program, administered by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), is deployed during the last stage of grid emergency to prevent firm load shedding, or rolling blackouts. Companies are paid for their demand drop capacity on a quarterly basis, regardless of whether or not a curtailment event takes place. 

To participate, Marriott needed to install the control system to enable potential load shedding. The cost of the infrastructure was approximately $50,000. Again, through TXU GreenBack 1, TXU Energy was able to provide a rebate for this cost. 

Marriott has 14 locations as part of their EILS program, with over 1 MW of demand. If their capacity remains at this level, they will be eligible to receive approximately $60,000 annually from the ERCOT EILS program. 

Helping Marriott Serve Additional Customers 
As the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) increases, it was important for Marriott to offer their guests the ability to charge their vehicles during stays. Through the TXU Energy EV Accelerator 1 program, we provided a rebate of approximately $4,200 toward the purchase of two charging stations for Marriott’s Dallas hotel. This rebate reaffirmed our commitment to Marriott, and extended their commitment to cutting-edge services for their guests. 

Understanding the Unique Needs of Texas Businesses 
We live here. We work here. And we have a deep expertise on the energy needs of companies in the Lone Star State. Our partnership with Marriott International is a premiere example. We didn’t just sell them electricity; we helped them reduce their energy usage. 

“TXU Energy has been a great partner with Marriott for many years. They continue to bring us energy savings solutions that benefit our bottom line.” 
-Doug Rath 
Director Energy & Environment, the Americas 
Marriott International

1 TXU GreenBack and TXU Energy EV Accelerator programs subject to change. Contract terms apply.