Businesses We Serve

With customers all over the state and in all kinds of industries, we know what matters most to your business and how we can be the best partner possible. Read on to see how we deliver value to a sampling of our big business customers.

Data Centers

Data centers use 70 billion kilowatt hours of energy per year – or 1.8% of all the electricity consumption in the U.S. The annual cost of all that energy? About $7 billion.¹ Discover how we help data centers keep costs in check with creative, custom energy solutions.

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Commercial Real Estate

Energy is often a property’s single largest operating expense, representing up to 30% of a typical office building’s costs. You can reduce consumption by 35% by changing your building operation and management strategies – and we can help with that.² You can also earn incentives and meet your sustainability goals for using energy more efficiently.

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Cities and Schools

Energy is one of the biggest expenses for school districts and city governments. With a responsibility to your elected officials and the public to make fiscally-smart choices, let us show you how we can be the right partner.

More than 180 municipalities in Texas have turned to us for our service, energy management tools and clean energy solutions. Find out more

We've helped a large school district in Houston save $1.5 million to reinvest in its classrooms. Hear more from Magnolia ISD, or learn more about what we can do for you.

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Health Care

Hospitals and health care centers can be energy hogs. Being open 24/7 with a revolving door for hundreds or thousands of employees, patients and visitors makes energy efficiency critical. Learn how we can help you manage your usage with a mix of tools and expertise.

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About one third of all the energy use in the U.S. is attributed to the industrial sector, and namely manufacturing.³ With that type of spend, you need a partner that understands the market and can proactively find ways to save. Find out how we help hundreds of manufacturers like you with tailored products at a competitive price.

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Oil and Gas

Market unpredictability calls for sound strategies, electricity included. We offer custom products, competitive pricing and personalized service from upstream to downstream. Learn how we helped one big refiner reduce congestion charges and improve efficiency in its plant. (Video)

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Running a restaurant has never been more competitive. In fact, you may feel the need to get creative about finding savings and generating sales. We helped a major Papa John’s franchise in Houston increase sales by 40% in a single day with a creative promotion. Find out how.

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