Can a contract help you master Texas commercial electricity rates?

Like the price of any other product, Texas commercial electricity rates can fluctuate based on a number of factors – including who you buy your power from and how much electricity your business uses every month. Those variations can make managing your business budget a challenge, and many Texas businesses enter contracts with power providers hoping to gain some control over their monthly payments.

As with any contract, an electricity contract can have pros and cons. A contract could help you save money if it locks you into a rate that won’t rise when market fluctuations push power generation costs higher. With a contract, your electricity bill each month can be more predictable, meaning fewer surprises for you.  Fixed-rate plans allow you to sign a contract for a specific term – a few months or a few years – and lock in a low rate.

At TXU Energy, we advocate a fixed rate plan for a number of reasons:

  • A price guarantee can be particularly helpful for small businesses and start-ups that need to keep a tight rein on costs and need their bills to be somewhat predictable each month.

  • A fixed rate plan allows you to “set it and forget it.” No number crunching to pay for power. With the exception of changes in law or regulatory charges, your electricity rate will be the same each month.

  • If you suspect rates will increase, and your business budget depends on a predictable monthly electricity cost, a fixed rate plan ensures your rate will remain the same throughout the contract term.

We believe strongly in the value of fixed rate plans for business owners and we choose to provide our customers with plans with a variety of benefits like guaranteed price protection, cash back loyalty rewards, and renewable energy options.

With a wide range of contract terms and a variety of energy saving options, TXU Energy’s fixed rate plans offer you the best possible options on Texas commercial electricity rates.

Don’t gamble on the cost of your Texas commercial electricity rates going up or down. When you sign a contract with us, you’ll lock in a low, fixed rate that will be guaranteed for the length of your term. See how TXU Energy can make purchasing electricity good for you and your business.

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