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Why is TXU Energy the #1 choice for Texas business owners?

As a small business owner, choosing your energy provider might seem daunting. There are a few additional considerations for selecting and managing a business energy plan compared to a traditional residential plan, so you need a retail electricity provider that can make it all simple. Having the power to choose your energy plan and getting familiar with the efficiency needs of your business may sound challenging when you’re first starting out, but you’re not alone. Whether you’re a lifelong Texan or have recently moved your business to the Lone Star State, here are a few reasons our customers choose us for their electricity needs.

At TXU Energy, we provide a team of dedicated business energy specialists who will help you find an electricity plan that meets your company’s unique needs. Our specialists will walk you through available plans and our competitive pricing, discuss tools that can help manage your power usage and recommend everyday tips for saving more.

We tailor our services around your industry, business size and hours of operation to ensure the right fit. Whether you’re in charge of electricity for a data center, office building or dry cleaner business, we can provide recommendations for making your facilities run more efficiently. Our specialists can advise on energy-efficient equipment updates, from refrigeration and heating to lighting and ventilation. We’ll also help you maintain your equipment and identify what needs maintenance. Lastly, we provide protection for your valuable electrical equipment through our business surge protection. You can feel confident that your business’s critical areas, from mechanical equipment to air conditioning to POS systems, are under our qualified care.

It’s simple to set up service with us, and if you’re switching from another provider, your experience will be seamless. Start today with a quote from our specialists and rest easy with a long-term energy solution for your business.

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