TXU Energy Tells Businesses: Demand Response Benefits Are in Easy Reach


Getting paid for reducing your company’s electricity consumption might sound like a deal that’s too good to be true or a plan that’s only for the biggest firms, but TXU Energy is helping even the smallest businesses cash in.

Demand response is action that reduces electricity consumption during times when overall electricity use around Texas is nearing the total of amount of power that’s available. In those so-called peak periods – generally 1 to 6 p.m. during summer weekdays – various programs are available to businesses of all sizes that pay them for cutting back.

“Demand response helps ensure an adequate supply of electricity for Texas businesses and residents, and it can provide an additional corporate revenue stream,” said Gabe Castro, vice president of business for TXU Energy. “And businesses can participate in demand response programs by simply turning off lights, raising their thermostat settings by a couple of degrees, powering down nonessential equipment or starting their emergency generators.”

TXU Energy offers the Brighten® Reduction Rewards program, giving participating companies a market-based bill credit for reducing their demand by 2 percent or more when requested. Those customers get an hour’s notice to participate in a reduction opportunity. There’s no cost to join the program and no penalty for not participating when contacted.

ERCOT, the independent operator of the state’s main power grid, has two programs that are best suited for midsized to large companies or industrial operations. Those programs have higher payouts, larger reduction requirements, shorter notice periods and the potential for penalties for participating companies that don’t meet the required reduction levels.

“Companies can make money, reduce costs and help ensure reliable electricity for everyone through the ERCOT programs and the TXU Energy demand response program,” Castro said. “And there are options between the three programs to fit any size company in any industry.”

To learn more about demand response and other ways to conserve, visit the TXU Energy Business Insights webpage.


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