TXU Energy: You May Not Own the Place, but You Can Lower the Energy Bills

Company gives renters simple steps for savings


Permanent alterations would probably end up on their permanent records, but renters can get lower electricity bills without putting their security deposits at risk.

That’s the message from TXU Energy, which is outlining simple steps that renters can take to manage their electricity use and lower their energy spending.

“The efficiency of rental properties across Texas varies widely, but everyone can save by using less energy,” said Michael Grasso, chief marketing officer for TXU Energy. “Renters will likely be surprised – and relieved – at how easy it is to manage energy spending.”

Easy steps include:

  • Knowing whether you or the property owner is responsible for taking care of air conditioning and heater filters and being certain they are changed at least every three months. Dirty filters equal more energy use and higher bills.

  • Asking about the routine maintenance schedule for the heating and air conditioning system that serves the property you’re renting. If there are community spaces, ask about the maintenance for those, too, since your rent also goes to paying the electricity bill for common areas.

  • Securing permission to temporarily replace ceiling light fixtures with ceiling fans and running them in the right direction (clockwise in the winter; counterclockwise in the summer) to improve the comfort of your living spaces. Don’t run fans while you’re not home and don’t lose the original fixtures. They will have to go back up when you leave.

  • Pulling your refrigerator away from the wall and cleaning the coils so it works most efficiently – and then checking whether refrigerator, freezer and oven seals are working. Any temperature leaks require those appliances to use more energy and could cause your AC or heater to work more, too.

  • Using blinds and window treatments to keep cooled air inside during the summer and to maintain heated air in the winter. Horizontal blinds can help manage airflow, and they allow natural light to bounce off the ceiling to make rooms brighter.

  • Insisting that window and door seals are maintained. If you can feel air coming in or out, money is flowing with it.
  • Asking the property owner to install a programmable thermostat or getting permission to temporarily install your own – and then programming it to work best for you.

Other steps include washing clothes in cold water, changing light bulbs to LEDs or CFLs, cleaning out the lint filter in your dryer and using timers to prevent electronics, chargers and appliances from using electricity even in the off position.

“These are steps any renter in Texas can take, and every step adds to potential savings,” Grasso said. “When you combine these with our innovative and personalized services, the savings can grow even further.”

TXU Energy makes moving easy with simple transfers and one-call shopping for other home services. The company also has easy how-to resources online for all consumers.

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