Use Lower-Priced, Off-Peak Electricity and Save

TXU Energy Plan Helps Customers With Smart Meters Save Money


The TXU Energy Time-of-Use plan gives residential customers with smart meters in the Oncor service territory the potential for greater control and savings on their electricity bill. By shifting energy consumption and using less electricity during the on-peak hours between 1 p.m. and 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, May through October, TXU Energy Time-of-Use customers can save hundreds of dollars annually on their electricity bill.

Customers on the TXU Energy Time-of-Use plan will pay one of the lowest prices in the market during off-peak hours, which account for 93 percent of the hours in a given year. At the same time, they get the security of knowing that these prices will be protected for two years. With a few simple adjustments like waiting until off-peak hours to do laundry, run the dishwasher or use other major appliances, customers can use less electricity and save more money.

"Many people can benefit from this plan," said Jim Burke, chief executive officer, TXU Energy.

"We worked hard to make this plan not only practical for our average customer but also easy to understand by providing straightforward pricing during one meaningful block of time. It's the perfect plan for customers whose lifestyle allows them to use less electricity during the afternoons," Burke continued.

In addition to the financial benefits of the TXU Energy Time-of-Use plan, the plan helps the environment by reducing overall electricity demand during peak hours, which is often met by operating older, less efficient power plants.


Oncor service territory
Off-peak price: 7.9 cents per kilowatt-hour. Accounts for 93 percent of the hours in a given year.
Peak price: 21.9 per kilowatt-hour

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    TXU Energy Time-of-use

    Once a new advanced Smart Meter is installed at your home, you can get this plan to help you take control of your electricity usage.

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    Choice, convenience, savings and control, to name a few.