TXU Energy Gives Consumers Ultimate Price Protection

New Electricity Plan Provides Flat Rates With No Surprise Fees Or Charges


TXU Energy introduced TXU Energy SuperSecure 12SM today, the first and only electricity plan to completely safeguard consumers against all price changes including changes in law or regulatory charges, all while providing guaranteed price protection against variable rate plans.

Based on a single, competitive per kilowatt-hour rate during a 12-month term, TXU Energy SuperSecure 12SM includes all legal and regulatory charges, and the price will not change based on monthly usage or seasonal fluctuations.

"TXU Energy is taking the ultimate stand against variable rate plans with this plan," said Michael Grasso, chief marketing officer for TXU Energy. "We are the leader in price protection for our customers, and we simply refuse to resort to teaser rates and other trickery to get new customers."

Consumers with variable rate plans, or "teaser" rates, from other electricity providers are subject to rate changes at any time and without advance warning, in the sole discretion of their retailer, as well as being exposed to changes in law and regulatory charges.  TXU Energy SuperSecure 12SM not only insulates customers from changes in market conditions, but it also locks in the customer's rate for the entire term of the plan.

"We believe an informed customer is a customer for life," Grasso said.  "Consumers should choose an electricity provider that offers knowledgeable, round-the-clock customer service, straightforward pricing and transparent terms that they can understand."

More information about TXU Energy SuperSecure 12SM is available at txu.com/plans In addition, TXU Energy has created an informative website to help Texans understand variable rate plans at txu.com/findout

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TXU Energy SuperSecure 12SM

Safeguard your rate against any kind of increases. Plus, you'll receive the same rate no matter how much electricity you use.

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