Barilla Solar Plant - Pecos County, TX

Texas Electricity Provider 

Barilla Solar Project photo courtesy of First Solar, Inc.

TXU Energy Solar Club SM is a first-of-its-kind Texas shared solar offer that lets you power your home with the sun. Check out the pictures of one of the solar farms, or see below for answers to FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Where does my solar energy come from?

 We purchase solar energy and renewable energy credits for your plan each month equal to up to 500 kWh from solar farms right here in Texas.

 Do clouds or night time impact my electricity service? 

 No. One of the main benefits of TXU Energy Solar ClubSM is that weather, solar equipment problems and nighttime won’t affect your electricity service, and you’ll still be supporting solar energy.

 What is renewable energy? 

 Renewable energy comes from resources that don’t run out, like wind and solar power. The energy that comes from these resources has a lower environmental impact than conventional power sources, particularly to the air we breathe. 

 What’s a renewable energy credit (REC)? 

 A renewable energy credit (REC) represents electricity generated from renewable energy resources – whether wind, water, biomass or solar energy. For TXU Energy Solar ClubSM, up to 500 kWh purchased for your plan each month is renewable energy that comes from solar power generated at a farm right here in Texas. Purchasing RECs for the electricity you use helps support investment and construction of renewable energy projects in Texas. 

 What happens if I move out of my residence?  

 If you move from your current home, take TXU Energy with you! That way, clean solar energy will still be purchased for your new home. 

 Is there a membership fee?

 Yes. The Solar Membership Dues are $14.95 a month, which is already included in the calculation of your average price per kWh as shown on the bill and Electricity Facts Label. 

 Why 500 kWh of solar?  Can I buy more?   

 500 kWh is about how much electricity the average Texas home consumes during the daylight hours each month. TXU Energy Solar ClubSM was specially designed to bring you the rooftop solar experience by producing approximately the same amount of electricity a rooftop solar system would – meaning that solar power meets the daytime energy needs of the average home, and the grid powers the home throughout the nighttime hours.  At this time, we are only able to offer 500 kWh of solar energy per month to each home in order to extend the offer to as many homes as possible.

 Does the solar power actually get “delivered” to my home?

 Not exactly. TXU Energy and other providers purchase renewable energy credits (RECs) for renewable energy rate plans. Each REC represents electricity generated from renewable energy resources – in Texas, it’s mostly wind. Because of the way that electricity flows onto the transmission grid from all over the state, we can’t guarantee that the electricity that flows into your home is directly from a renewable source. However, we can guarantee you that for the first 500 kWh you use each month, an equivalent kWh of electricity generated from a Texas solar farm will be purchased. This electricity will flow onto the ERCOT electricity grid, reducing the need for electricity generated from a nonrenewable source.  

  Can I track how much energy the solar farm is producing?

 TXU Energy Solar ClubSM members can track how much solar energy is produced and purchased from participating solar farms at

 How much CO2 am I off-setting with this plan? 

 Solar Club members can track how much pollution their solar energy offsets at

 What do I get with my membership? 

 You get access to a brand new type of plan with one of the lower solar energy rates available in the market, guaranteed for a full five years.

 What if I use more than 500 kWh per month? Where does the rest of my electricity come from?

 You get standard energy from the grid.

 Can you tell me a little about how the electricity grid works?

 Generators of electricity connect their power to an electricity transmission grid so your electricity is delivered from a "pool" of generated power. Because all companies that generate electricity – including renewable energy generators – connect to the grid, there's no way to guarantee the source of the actual electricity coming into your house. However, RECs do guarantee that the applicable renewable energy purchased for your plan is generated from renewable resources. So, you can rest assured that with TXU Energy Solar ClubSM, you're contributing to a cleaner, greener Texas.

  If I change my mind, will I owe a cancellation fee?
  Yes, however, TXU Energy Solar ClubSM comes with our Total Satisfaction Guarantee1. Try us for 60 days. If you’re not 100% satisfied, you can change plans or switch for free.

1Just call us and cancel within 60 days of your sign-up date and, even if you signed a contract, we’ll waive any early cancellation fees. New TXU Energy residential customers only. Cancellation fee applies if you cancel after 60 days. You remain responsible for any billed and unbilled charges.