Why is TXU Energy partnering with Hippo?
By partnering with Hippo, we can offer our customers better home insurance for less. Hippo can save customers up to 25% on their home insurance premiums while giving them greater protection. Plus, TXU Energy customers get an additional discount. 

How can TXU Energy help me save on my home insurance?
By offering our customers more coverage at a lower cost. On top of their low premiums, TXU Energy customers can save even more thanks to an extra discount.

Can I switch to a Hippo policy if my home is already insured?
Of course! In Texas you don’t have to wait for a contract to expire or your next policy renewal period before switching home insurance providers and there are no penalties or early cancelation fees for switching. And, Hippo provides helpful information on how to cancel with your current provider. 

Who is providing me with insurance, TXU Energy or Hippo?
We’ve partnered with Hippo to help you save money on more than just electricity with a quick and easy way to get the home insurance you need. Hippo would be your insurance provider. 

Who do I call if I have a claim or question about my insurance policy?
All insurance questions and services, including claims and payments are handled directly by Hippo’s Texas-based team in Austin.

Does Hippo home insurance affect my TXU Energy bill?
No, nothing will change with your TXU Energy service or bill. 

Do I pay TXU Energy or Hippo for my annual insurance premium?
Hippo will bill you directly for your home insurance based on the information you provide during the quoting process. You’ll have separate bills for insurance coverage and TXU Energy.

What happens if I cancel my TXU Energy service?
Your insurance with Hippo is separate from your TXU Energy service, so your home insurance will continue with no interruption in coverage. Canceling your Hippo policy won’t affect your TXU Energy service. 

Will I continue to get a discount for being a customer if I cancel service with TXU Energy?
Currently yes, but in the future such discounts may be ended if customers cancel with TXU Energy. 

Can Hippo provide me with auto insurance too?
Hippo doesn’t offer auto insurance for now.