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As you search for the energy plans that meet your needs and give you the most bang for your buck, you should know that many different factors can determine whether you’re getting the best deal.

Whether you compare TXU Energy with Ambit Energy or another Texas electricity provider, keep in mind a few important things that can have a big impact on your bill:

  • The provider itself. While it’s important to get the best rates, be sure you know about the provider’s reputation, plan features, customer service and community service. As the #1 choice in Texas for electricity service, TXU Energy has a long-standing history of doing the right thing for our customers and the communities we serve. That could be one big reason why more people choose us more often than Ambit Energy or any other Texas electricity provider.

  • The plan you choose. Your plan should be clear and easy-to-understand, and you may want to choose a price-protected rate. TXU Energy chooses not to offer variable rate plans that can send costs soaring without notice. For example, the Texas Select Variable Plan from Ambit Energy allows them to change your rate after your first bill by any amount, for any reason, and at any time — without advance notice to you.* So you may not know the rate you’re paying for electricity until after you’ve used it and get your bill, unless you constantly check to see if it’s changed.

  • Money-Saving tools. Your provider should offer tools and information for saving energy and for saving money. That’s good for your wallet and good for the Texas environment.. At TXU Energy, our BrightenSM Energy Savings Solutions provides you with the information you need to reduce your energy usage, which can also help you reduce your monthly bill. It's as simple as logging into your TXU Energy MyEnergy DashboardSM to better understand how you use energy and get personalized recommendations on saving energy with our Personal Energy Advisor feature.

Once you've made the comparison, we're sure you'll discover why more Texans have chosen TXU Energy than any other electricity provider. See our electricity plans and rates.

*Based on plan offered on provider's website and/or as of May 2015.