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If a relocation to Texas is in your future, TXU Energy can help you get the scoop on your newly chosen home. As a Texas resident, you can enjoy tons of attractions, a thriving economy, a lower cost of living and diverse living environments – not to mention lots of great food! Here are some fun facts about Texas and a few reasons why making the move might be perfect for you.

It's Thrilling.
Texas has a large number of amusement parks, and your relocation to Texas should definitely include a plan to check them out. Popular theme parks include Six Flags in Arlington and San Antonio, Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels, Galveston and South Padre Island and Sea World in San Antonio. If you're on a budget, try smaller – but just as magical – parks like the Kemah Boardwalk outside of Houston and Sandy Lake in Dallas.

It's On the Water.
If you're a beach bum, surfer or just want a tan, your relocation to Texas should be targeted to an area close to one of our excellent beaches. Galveston has exciting boardwalks, sandy beaches and that coastal culture you may be looking for. Or head farther south to Corpus Christi for a more tropical feel. Other areas like Port Aransas, Port Arthur and Port Lavaca are good for weekend or Spring Break trips, but the ultimate Spring Break destination might just be South Padre Island.

It's Hard-Working.
Job prospects in Texas are growing due to a strong economy in the Lone Star State. There's been growth in the fields of hospitality and leisure, healthcare and more. West Texas has jobs in energy development and petroleum and chemical production, while Dallas is big on technology. Try the coastal regions or Houston for life sciences and aerospace engineering. No matter what, your relocation to Texas will likely find you enjoying a state-income-tax-free income.

It's Inexpensive.
Not only does Texas have lots of attractive qualities, but you'll also find that Texas ranks second in the nation for a low cost of living, according to costofliving.org. A day's work may earn you about the same salary as your Californian cousin, but your dinner might cost the same as his cup of coffee. Buy a spacious home or find that classy apartment you've always dreamed of. Your dollar goes a long way in Texas.

It's Diverse.
Texas is so big that you can choose a city that fits your lifestyle. Whether you'd prefer living on a ranch in the plains of the Llano Estacado or a house in the hill country near Fredericksburg, Texas is the place. Build a cabin in the Piney Woods near Marshall. Live on the Gulf Coast in a Port Aransas beach house or on a boat docked in Rockport. Have a white picket fence in one of the many Dallas-Fort Worth suburbs or live in a skyscraper in downtown Houston. Relocating to Texas truly has something for everyone.

It's Energy Efficient.
Although the summers can heat up fast, Texans don't have to worry about their electricity bills climbing through the roof. With straightforward pricing and quality customer service, TXU Energy is the #1 choice for electricity in Texas. Our cash back loyalty rewards program gave back close to $32 million last year to our customers, and you'll even find renewable energy options that can save you money while you save natural resources.

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