Shift usage to your Free Hours
How can you make TXU Energy Free Nights® even better? Watch your savings skyrocket when you use appliances, electronics and utilities during your free hours.

Procrastinate freely.

Go ahead, put those chores off until later. With your free hours, it actually makes more sense to use appliances like your washer, dryer and dishwasher later on at night.

Sleep cool and save.

Set your thermostat to cool and comfy during your free hours. Nearly 40% of your electricity usage comes from heating and cooling system, so just imagine how much you could save.

Enjoy free family fun.

When your free hours kick in, watch a movie. Movie nights are even more memorable when the fun is on the house!

Shower during your free hours.

Scrubbing up later could drive your expenses way down. For the average Texan, water heating accounts for nearly 12% of utility costs.

Wake up to savings.

Night time is a great time to recharge for you and your devices. Hold off on plugging in your phones, tablets and computers until your free hours.

Power the party.

Don’t blow your party budget on electricity. Host your next gathering during your free hours.

Try a bright idea.

Make your home even more efficient by using motion sensors or a timer on exterior lights.

Cannonball into savings.

Run your pool pump during your free hours. Setting an automatic timer makes for an even bigger splash.