TXU Energy Average Monthly Billing | Average Billing Option

What is Average Monthly Billing?

Average Monthly Billing is a program for our residential customers that helps smooth out seasonal highs and lows in your monthly electricity bills so you have more predictable monthly payments. 

With this program, you don't pay less or more. Over the course of the year, you'll pay the same on this program as you would if you weren't on the program. Your bill amount will vary a small amount each month, but it will be much more predictable and easier to budget for. You'll have peace of mind knowing that you'll not have to deal with with seasonal fluctuations that could be as much as hundreds of dollars.

How does Average Monthly Billing work?

First we establish a baseline of your electricity costs by adding up past bills and dividing by the number of months of billing history we have. Then each month, we subtract your baseline average billing cost from your actual electricity costs. The difference is called the Cumulative Balance. Each month, 10% of your Cumulative Balance is either added to or subtracted from your baseline amount. This keeps your costs fairly even throughout the year and makes managing your budget easier.

You are eligible for Average Monthly Billing if you're a residential customer who has received at least one bill from TXU Energy and don't have any outstanding balances -- all installment plans or payment deferrals must be paid before signing up for Average Monthly Billing.



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