Personal Guarantee Deposit Options With TXU Energy

Personal Guarantee Deposit Option

Customers required to pay a deposit have another option - establishing a TXU Energy Personal Guarantee Agreement. To establish a TXU Energy Personal Guarantee Agreement, the "customer" would be the person who wishes to use a Personal Guarantee in place of a cash deposit. The "guarantor" would be the person who agrees to pay the deposit amount in the event the customer defaults.

The guarantor must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be a current TXU Energy customer in good standing (no past due amounts and not more than one late payment in the past 12 months)
  • Must accept responsibility for paying the guarantee amount to TXU Energy if the customer defaults

If you're interested in using the TXU Energy Personal Guarantee Agreement, please call 1-888-398-5370 , and have the person you would like to be your guarantor available to answer questions for prequalification. Please note that both the customer and the guarantor must have their TXU Energy account number and other relevant account information readily available at the time you call. The Personal Guarantee Agreement must be approved by TXU Energy by the due date shown on the notice that will be sent to you, or else the deposit must be paid. If the TXU Energy Personal Guarantee Agreement is later approved, the deposit amount will be credited to your electricity bill.