Suspicious Email Alerts & Fraud Awareness

Suspicious Email Fraud

The Scam: TXU Energy is aware of a recent increase in Internet “phishing,” in which emails are sent to individuals claiming to be from TXU Energy or other entities. These messages often make statements such as:

  • “We are migrating your account to a new email system…”
  • “...please update your account information details at the link below…”

Known as “phishing,” such messages are not from TXU Energy. These scams may expose customers to risk if they follow the instructions contained within them, such as clicking any embedded links or even responding to the email itself.

The Method: Email

What Happens: If you are a victim of this type of scam, and provide personal information via email or follow a link in a fraudulent email there is the likelihood you will be the victim of identity theft. If this is the case, the range of the impact it will have can vary. If you provided your Social Security Number, the likelihood for identity theft is greater and your credit report may be adversely impacted. You will also have the responsibility of recovering your identity, which could require a large time commitment and expense.

The TXU Energy Commitment: Please note that these types of emails are NOT from TXU EnergyTXU Energy is dedicated to protecting your information. We want our customers to be informed about these situations in order to avoid being exposed to financial risk if they follow the instructions of the phony email. While TXU Energy may send messages to customers or former customers for various reasons, TXU Energy will never ask for personal information in an email (unless you are currently working with the TXU Energy Fraud Prevention Team at, nor will we request that you update your information through means other than or one of our Customer Care Representatives.

TXU Energy has a dedicated Fraud Prevention Team. This team’s mission, every day, is to combat energy fraud and, when fraud is identified, to protect any current or future customers. For more information on how TXU Energy protects you from fraud, learn about our promise to consumers.

Protect Yourself:

  • Ignore unsolicited emails asking for personal information, including account numbers, passwords or other personal information.
  • Don’t click on any suspicious links contained within these emails.
  • If you are suspicious about an email claiming to be from TXU Energy, please notify us at
  • Ensure all of your online passwords are unique and not easy to guess (birthday, pet’s name, etc.).
  • Set a fraud alert on your credit reports, and review the reports for signs of fraud.
  • Close the accounts that you know, or believe, have been tampered with or opened fraudulently.