TXU Energy Gives Customers Even More Hours to Use Free Electricity

Texans can save more energy and reduce monthly bills on company’s extended free hours plans


Just in time for the summer heat, TXU Energy is giving Texans even more savings through TXU Energy Free Nights, which now includes more hours of free electricity.

Customers who sign up now for TXU Energy Free Nights will enjoy free electricity from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. for the full length of their contracts. Texas households traditionally use about 30 percent of their electricity during those hours. That means consumers can potentially get up to 30 percent of their electricity free without changing their usage patterns or habits. Customers who shift energy-consuming activities to the free hours can save even more.

“Tens of thousands of Texans already are enjoying free electricity, and they have told us that they want even more,” said Jennifer Pulliam, director of products and innovation for TXU Energy. “With TXU Energy Free Nights, we’re delivering on that customer expectation.”

TXU Energy was the first retail electricity provider to offer timed-based savings opportunities for residential and business customers in Texas. More than 100,000 Texas consumers have chosen free nighttime or weekend electricity through TXU Energy Right Time PricingSM plans, like TXU Energy Free Nights and TXU Energy Free Weekends, which help customers recognize the value of managing when and how they use electricity to reduce their spending. Thousands of business customers have taken advantage of TXU Energy Business Power HoursSM plans that offer half-off energy charges in the mornings or evenings depending on when those businesses use the most electricity.

“Customers value the ability to control their bills, and the tools we provide help them understand how to manage their usage according to their lifestyles and preferences,” Pulliam said.

In addition to free electricity, TXU Energy Free Nights provides straightforward pricing for energy used during the daytime hours and price protection against rising power generation costs during the span of the term plan.

Acerca de TXU Energy
TXU Energy es un proveedor minorista de electricidad competitivo líder en el mercado, que brinda servicios a más habitantes de Texas que cualquier otro proveedor minorista. TXU Energy ofrece una variedad de soluciones y productos innovadores, lo que permite tanto a sus clientes particulares como corporativos elegir las opciones que mejor se adecuen a sus necesidades, incluyendo su excepcional servicio al cliente, planes de servicio de electricidad a precios competitivos, opciones innovadoras de eficiencia energética, programas de energía renovable, y otros productos y servicios de electricidad relacionados. Para obtener más información acerca de TXU Energy, visite txu.com. REP #10004