Steel Dynamics Southwest, LLC (SDI) Recognized for Leadership in Innovation

Steel Dynamics Southwest, LLC (SDI)

2023 TXU Energy Leadership Award Recipient: Leadership in Innovation

Sinton-based Steel Dynamics Southwest, LLC (SDI) leverages innovation to power the largest steel mill in Texas. The company utilizes the TXU Energy Dashboard to monitor real-time market conditions and receive alerts when energy prices cross a pre-determined threshold. Reducing energy use during high-price periods increased SDI’s cost savings and enhanced grid reliability across Texas. TXU Energy, THG Energy, and AEP partnered to install equipment for SDI to access real-time energy use and costs for its manufacturing operation.

Additionally, SDI chose to supply the mill with 100% zero-emission energy, sourced from Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant in Glen Rose, Texas. This allows SDI to claim zero Scope 2 emissions from electricity consumption as part of its sustainability reporting, which also helps SDI’s customers reach their own sustainability targets. In 2023, SDI was recognized for Leadership in Innovation at TXU Energy’s Annual Energy Summit.

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