TXU Energy, Community Partners Help Customers Pay More than 40,000 Summer Electricity Bills

New video series highlights benefits of TXU Energy Aid, social service partnerships


TXU Energy, its employees, customers and community partners helped thousands of Texans in the state’s most populous areas keep their electricity flowing during the recent summer months by coordinating almost $5.7 million in bill-payment assistance for more than 40,000 TXU Energy invoices.

“A crisis can strike any one of us,” Jim Burke, president and CEO of TXU Energy, said in a new video series about the company’s TXU Energy AidSM program. “That’s why it’s important for us to be there for our customers.”

Since 1983, TXU Energy Aid has provided more than 478,000 valued customers with nearly $90 million in bill-payment assistance. The money comes from the company, employees, customers and other donors and 100 percent of contributions are dedicated to bill-payment assistance. Money donated to TXU Energy Aid stays in local communities to help residents in those areas thanks to a network of nearly 100 social service agency partners. TXU Energy Aid is the largest bill-payment assistance program among all competitive retail electricity companies in the United States.

In addition to its own program, TXU Energy supports and coordinates with local government and social service agencies that manage federal, state and private programs to help residents with electricity bills and other expenses. The combination of these funding sources provides more assistance to more customers.

“Our work with TXU Energy Aid agencies and other groups that help our customers is critical, particularly during the hot summer months when too many people think they have to choose between air-conditioning and other needs,” said Kim Campbell, TXU Energy’s senior manager for customer advocacy.

The assistance delivered to TXU Energy customers between June and August came from a variety of sources, including TXU Energy Aid and the Texas Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program. A total of all assistance delivered to TXU Energy customers across the state in 2015 will be available in early 2016.

Of the assistance this summer, TXU Energy customers in the Dallas-Fort Worth region received about $3.2 million; Houston-area customers received $1.2 million in assistance and central Texans received almost $500,000.

“Today’s snapshot illustrates a portion of the tremendous needs and challenges some of our fellow Texans face,” Campbell said. 

Campbell oversees the company’s dedicated energy assistance group, which works with more than 1,000 government and social service agencies to help TXU Energy customers who are in financial crisis. She’s also a leader in national efforts to ensure funding for the federal Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program.

The new video series features agency and community leaders, as well as customers, sharing their experiences with TXU Energy and TXU Energy Aid. 

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