TXU Energy Reminds Texans: Play It Smart with Energy This Summer

Nearly 1.2 Million Customers Have Smart Meters and Access to Smartphone-Friendly Solutions Featured in New Short Film, ‘While You Were Out…’


TXU Energy is playing it smart with energy efficiency. So can nearly 1.2 million of its customers who have smart meters and access to the energy savings solutions the company offers via Web-enabled PCs, tablets and smartphones. To remind Texas electricity customers that saving energy this summer can be easy and cost effective, the company released a two-minute, stop-motion  film today called “While You Were Out…”

The short film features a few of TXU Energy’s innovative technology tools that make it simple and convenient to save electricity and cut energy costs. The film features household items that magically come to life and work together with TXU Energy’s tech tools to do just that. The story’s budget-friendly ending can be easy for customers to recreate in real life, thanks to the online and smartphone solutions that play major roles in the film, including:

  • The TXU Energy MyEnergy DashboardSM. This allows you to review your home’s electricity usage and cost by month, day and even hour if you have a smart meter. The dashboard also provides a forecast of your estimated usage and upcoming bill and shows how outside temperatures may impact both. Having access to this information at any point during a billing cycle gives you the chance to cut back your consumption, change your habits and reduce the amount of your next bill.

  • The BrightenSM iThermostat, an energy savings solution from TXU Energy. This is a programmable thermostat that makes it easy to access, change or set indoor temperatures while you’re at home or away via a Web-enabled PC or tablet, and a few key features are also available via most smartphones. Using the programmable features of the tool can save you up to $360 or more over two years.

  • The TXU Energy iPhone® App. This offers mobile access to your TXU Energy account via iPhone, iPad® and iPod touch®. It’s free in the App Store, and you can use it to check and pay your bill, control your home temperature settings via the Brighten iThermostat, and access key features of the TXU Energy MyEnergy Dashboard, including a forecast of your usage and bill.

  • The BrightenSM Personal Energy Advisor. This offers the personalized do-it-yourself know-how that can take energy efficiency a few steps further. It provides tips tailored to your home and how-to videos that can help you avoid wasting energy because of air leaks, faulty thermostats, insufficient insulation, water heater settings, HVAC inefficiency and more.

While some of the short film’s fun is imaginary, TXU Energy’s tech tools and the energy saving features and ideas it shows are very real. So is the capacity for energy savings for nearly 1.2 million Texans who can access them now via Web-enabled devices. According to the State of Texas’ Electric Choice Education Program, when consumers are provided the right information in a timely manner, they are inclined to take action and modify their electricity consumption.

“While You Were Out” is available online at txu.com/whileyouwereout and the TXU Energy YouTube Channel

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