TXU Energy Customers Take Charge at First eVgo Charging Station

TXU Energy Continues its Support for EV Deployment Across Texas


TXU Energy customers can now take charge of rising prices at the pump thanks to a brand new Dallas-area charging station for electric vehicles (EVs). The first eVgoSM network charging location is now live in North Texas, and TXU Energy customers Victoria and Paul Craig were the first to use it to power an EV today – proving that the reality of electricity as an alternative fuel source for drivers in Texas is here and now.

With prices at the pump well over $3 per gallon in Texas, the reality of EVs presents a significant savings opportunity for drivers across the state. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a typical EV costs less than $0.04 per mile for fuel (based on average U.S. electricity prices) compared to about $0.14 per mile for standard combustible engine autos (based on current gasoline prices). Like the Craigs, residential electricity customers who drive EVs can now charge their cars, both at home and through eVgo Freedom Stations like this new one in North Texas for a flat monthly fee, making EV charging simple, affordable and predictable for a lower cost per mile compared to gasoline.

“Having an EV is a real game changer for us,” said Victoria Craig. “The convenience of being able to charge the car at home after my daily commute is my favorite thing about it. And, knowing that there are more locations like this one in Dallas and at other locations around town is really exciting. With gas prices hitting nearly four dollars per gallon, we know that the cost savings is also something we’ll enjoy. At the heart of it, though, we love the freedom this gives us to choose what we do with our time, what cars we want to drive, and what we want to pay to power them.”

According to Jim Burke, chairman and CEO, TXU Energy, the company’s customers have made their interest in EVs very clear. “Now that more EVs are in the market and more charging networks are deploying stations like this new one in Dallas, our customers have real choices and real value that they can embrace, today, in their everyday lives. We think that’s exciting, and we’re glad to support it.”

The new eVgo charging station is located at the Walgreens located at 5201 Beltline Road in Dallas and hosts both the 480 volt DC charger that can add 30 miles of range in as little as ten minutes and a 240 volt Level 2 charger that can add up to 25 miles of range in an hour. It’s one of 70 charging locations to be installed in Dallas/Fort Worth and 50 in Houston by the end of 2012 with half in place in the eVgo Network by this summer.

In addition to the broad network of eVgo charging locations planned for Texas, TXU Energy is investing in at least a dozen charging stations throughout Dallas and Fort Worth through the TXU Energy Accelerator initiative. As announced last year, the company is donating key electric vehicle charging infrastructure to the cities, and it will fund the cost of the charging station equipment and installation. TXU Energy will also reimburse the cities for the cost of electricity to charge city vehicles for three years.

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