Citizens Development Center Partners with TXU Energy to Celebrate Roots in Community Growth


Citizens Development Center is pleased to announce today that it has joined forces with TXU Energy to promote awareness of the many ways adults with disabilities can contribute to the business community through its ?Rooted In Community Growth? project.

Citizens Development Center workers and TXU Energy volunteers will plant approximately 4,000 Redbud seedlings that will eventually be distributed to various local communities throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area. At the same time, Citizens Development Center workers will be stationed inside the work center labeling thousands of energy efficient light bulbs and stuffing bags for TXU Energy to distribute amongst the community to support future initiatives.

?This partnership with TXU Energy focuses on the abilities of our workers rather than their disabilities and it helps to overcome limiting beliefs about people with disabilities,? said Rita De Young, CDC Executive Director. ?Not only do our workers care deeply about their jobs, they care about the environment and want to give back to the communities in which they live.?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, approximately 19.2 percent of all Texans over age five who are not living in institutions have a disability. And, in the four-county area of the D/FW Metroplex, there are approximately 500,000 people with disabilities. There is government funding available for early childhood intervention programs and school systems offer special needs education programs, but adults with disabilities often do not have anywhere to turn upon completion of high school because of limited government funding. Without intensive, hands-on intervention and assistance, these adults? cognitive, motor and socialization skills are not easily sustained and their independence and self-image decline.

Citizens Development Center offers two major programs: a work center for daily vocational training, as well as employment services for adults with disabilities seeking to transition into the ?real world? work force. Citizens Development Center works with a variety of local corporations, such as TXU Energy, to provide daily jobs for its workers. For example, in the work center, more than 160 Citizens Development Center workers congregate and provide services to help local companies grow by completing many different tasks on varying levels. The workers are contributing to the community while earning a paycheck. In return, many local corporations, like TXU Energy, are able to benefit from the great services of Citizens Development Center by fostering long-term relationships to help the business community grow.

?TXU Energy is committed to being involved and caring for the community that we all live and work in,? said Jim Burke, CEO of TXU Energy. ?We cherish partnerships with life-changing organizations like Citizens Development Center, and we are so excited to be here to help promote awareness for the many things adults with disabilities have to offer.?

About Citizens Development Center:
Citizens Development Center is a Dallas-based nonprofit organization, which exists to empower men and women with disabilities, ranging from mental retardation to physical impairments, to achieve their highest level of employability. Founded in 1951 and serving approximately 350 clients annually, the organization offers two major programs: a work center for daily vocational training, as well as employment services for adults seeking to transition into the ?real world? work force. In addition, the Citizens Development Center offers classroom instruction to help the adults sustain their work and daily living skills, as well as a number of other services. Visit for more information about Citizens Development Center.

About TXU
TXU Corp., a Dallas-based energy company, manages a portfolio of competitive and regulated energy businesses primarily in Texas. In the competitive TXU Energy Holdings segment (electricity generation, wholesale marketing and retailing), TXU Energy provides electricity and related services to more than 2.1 million competitive electricity customers in Texas. TXU Power has over 18,100 MW of generation in Texas, including 2,300 MW of nuclear and 5,800 MW of coal-fueled generation capacity. TXU Wholesale optimizes the purchases and sales of energy for TXU Energy and TXU Power and provides related services to other market participants. TXU Wholesale is the largest purchaser of wind-generated electricity in Texas and fifth largest in the United States. Visit for more information about TXU Corp.

Lacy Walker

Rita K. De Young (Citizens Development Center)