TXU Energy Works with Business Customers to Set, Meet Savings Goals

Company can guide businesses through valuable no-cost, low-cost projects


Resolving to reduce a business’s energy spending is easy, and tips from TXU Energy make it just as easy to meet and exceed even the biggest goals.

“Texas is a highly competitive market for us and for our business customers,” said Scott Harrison, director of engineering and innovation for TXU Energy.

“One of the many ways TXU Energy stands out from its competition is the level of service we offer, including helping our customers identify and capitalize on ways to save on energy so they can invest more in their products, services and people.”

TXU Energy has expertise in guiding business customers to set and achieve efficiency goals. Efficiency experts can help introduce no-cost habits – such as turning off lights and reducing HVAC operations in unoccupied areas – or help guide customers through lighting, ventilation and controls projects that may require additional investments. Depending on how a business has used energy in the past, modest investments can mean savings of 20 percent to 40 percent.

“The first step is commitment and planning from the executive level and throughout an organization,” Harrison said. “There are a lot of energy-efficiency projects that make a lot of sense from a financial perspective.”

For example, Harrison said companies can easily commit to examining scheduled product and equipment purchases to be certain that new and replacement products meet energy-efficiency goals.

For businesses with big goals, large-scale projects often can get support through utility company rebates and TXU Energy’s Brighten® GreenBack program.

“Look at the incentives that are out there,” Harrison said. “We’ve had one customer who actually saved 50 percent of their annual energy load through a lighting retrofit and also received approximately 50 percent of the cost of that project back through the Brighten GreenBack program.”

TXU Energy has released a video focusing on what it takes to get a business on track to cut energy costs.

About TXU Energy
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