Some structural changes make economic sense only when a building is being renovated. Others make sense at any time. Simple changes you can make include:

Plug leaks with weatherstripping and caulking

  • Reduce uncontrolled exchange of inside air through cracks around windows,
    doors, utility switches, outlets, and other areas.
  • Make building environments less drafty or clammy, which can make heating
    or cooling a building less expensive.

Control direct sun through windows

  • Install awnings, films, solar screens, automatic blinds, or trees to block heat
    from the sun during the summer. 
  • Allow free solar heating through windows and skylights during
    the winter.

Upgrade roofing and insulation 

  • Add roof insulation, specifically in buildings with attics – one of the most
    cost-effective savings measures available. 
  • Block some of the sun’s radiant heat by installing radiant barriers. 
  • Install adequate ventilation, which is key to removing hot air from the attic
  • Consider installing electric or solar-powered roof ventilators. 
  • Use rigid insulation on the exterior for flat roofs. 
  • Investigate “cool roof” and “living roof” technologies for additional savings.