Energy conservation is very important when it comes to protecting the environment, but it's also good business. By reducing excess usage, companies can eliminate unnecessary costs and increase your savings.

But not all businesses are alike. That's why, though we've listed several basic energy-saving tips on the following pages, we highly recommend that you visit the ENERGY STAR® website for more targeted information regarding your specific type of business.

You can also find detailed information on where to look first for cost-effective savings and advice on low- and no-cost steps to make your facilities operate more efficiently and reliably. Get recommendations for improving building performance over the long run.

  • Business

    Cooling and Heating Tips
    One of the biggest energy costs for businesses is maintaining an appropriate temperature. It's important for employee comfort and productivity, and in many cases, for product freshness. Here are a few ways you can feel a big difference in costs, without feeling a big difference in temperature.
  • Energy efficient

    Lighting Tips
    Your company's lighting needs depend on a variety of factors, including office space, business location, and hours of service. But no matter what your specific situation is, there are still a few standard tips that can increase your lighting savings.
  • Electricity usage

    Power Surge Safety Tips
    Find helpful information about what a power surge is, why surges are such a threat, and what you can do to prevent damage to all the valuable electronic equipment that you use in your office or business.
  • Important

    Storm Safety
    Storms can come in quickly, bringing severe weather and danger for those who aren't prepared. So we've created this easy checklist for you and your company to turn to when the skies turn dark.