TXU Energy and Sunnova 

Get paid for the extra energy you produce at home.

TXU Energy Home Solar Buyback is the perfect plan to pair with your solar panels from our partner, Sunnova. Get the most out of your system by getting paid for your excess energy.1 Earn automatic Clean Energy Credits on your monthly bill to offset up to 100% of your energy charges each month.2 If you need more electricity, you’ll pay a simple, flat rate for wind or solar power from the grid.

Here are some FAQs to help you understand more about Clean Energy Credits.

For more help enrolling, call 833-539-1466.

Start Earning Today

1 You will receive a Clean Energy Credit on your bill for excess energy delivered to the grid by your qualifying distributed renewable generating facility over a monthly billing cycle. Excess energy is created when your system generates more electricity than your home uses during 15-minute intervals. You will be eligible to receive Clean Energy Credits once you execute an Interconnection Agreement with your local TDU and they update your meter to track your excess energy outflow. All inflow and outflow kWh quantities we use for billing are measured by your TDU over the applicable monthly billing cycle.

2 Your Clean Energy Credit will be calculated to offset up to 100% of your Energy Charges each month, excluding base charge, TDU charges, and all other taxes and fees. The monthly Clean Energy Credit applied to your bill will be the lesser of (a) your Energy Charge, calculated as your usage kilowatt-hour inflow multiplied by the dollar per kilowatt-hour Energy Charge or (b) your Clean Energy Credit, calculated as your excess energy kilowatt-hour outflow multiplied by the dollar per kilowatt-hour Clean Energy Credit rate. For example, if your Energy Charge is $80 for a particular billing cycle, then the maximum Clean Energy Credit you’re eligible to receive on that bill is $80. Any excess energy outflow that is ineligible for earning a Clean Energy Credit will not carry over to the next billing cycle.