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It’s no secret that your electric price is an important consideration. It probably impacts your monthly bill more than anything else. But beyond electric prices, what should you look for when comparing providers and plans?

According to “The Official Guide to Electric Choice,” published by the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT), there are a number of things you should ask any potential provider. These questions include:

  1. What will I pay per “kilowatt hour” (kWh) of electricity?
  2. Does this rate include everything — the electricity cost, the transmission and distribution charges, fuel charges, if any, as well as a monthly customer charge or other recurring fees?
  3. Is a deposit required? How much is it?
  4. What if I miss a payment?
  5. What are my payment options?
  6. Is this offer a fixed rate offer or a variable rate offer? If it is a variable rate offer, how can it change and how do I find out when the rate will change? (Find out why TXU Energy doesn’t offer variable rate electricity plans.)
  7. Is there a contract period and if so, how long is it?
  8. Is there a penalty if I break the contract?
  9. What happens when my contract period expires?

In addition, if you’re concerned about your family’s carbon footprint, you may also consider asking each provider about their renewable energy options. At TXU Energy, we offer plans powered by 100% Texas wind energy. Plus we offer tons of tools, tips, do-it-yourself videos and more to help you and your home become more energy efficient. That’s good for the Texas environment and good for your wallet.

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At TXU Energy, we understand that picking your provider is more than just shopping for a good electric price, and we want you to make the right decision for your home. That’s why we make it easy to compare our energy plans with those from other electricity providers, learn more about our renewable energy solutions, and understand all the regulatory documents before signing up for our services.

As the #1 provider in Texas, we have a history of doing right by our customers. It starts with the basics — providing easy-to-understand terms of service and straightforward electric prices. Then it continues with our 24/7 customer support, community outreach programs and volunteerism.

Because we strive, every day, to exceed our customers’ expectations, we never lose sight of what matters: That you have the services you need when and where you need them. This is our single most important task and the focus of our entire company.

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