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As more parents find themselves helping their adult children foot the bill for an apartment, we thought this two-part series might help. Sure, the kids may be helping to cover the costs — but if you’re co-signing on the lease, controlling all the associated costs becomes even more important. 

If you’ve already found the perfect place at the right price, it’s time to think about how to keep electricity costs in check. You may not be there to tell them to turn off lights and close the refrigerator, but TXU Energy has some apartment energy solutions that can help keep that monthly bill more manageable:

  • Avoid variable rate plans. With a variable plan, electricity providers can raise rates as high as they want without telling you first. In fact, some rates have more than doubled by the second bill! Because TXU Energy does not sell variable rate plans, we can guarantee you that our pricing formula won’t change on popular month-to-month plans like TXU Energy SureStartSM and TXU Energy Renter’s RewardsSM for at least the first six months. The only way things could change in that time is in the limited circumstance of a change in law or regulatory charges. This is something you can rest assured of.

  • Compare plans. Find out if the provider you’re considering offers plans that fit your kid's lifestyle. One of the reasons why TXU Energy is so popular is because of our excellent plans, which include month-to-month options, cash back loyalty rewards, renewable energy choices and more.

  • Find 24/7 customer service. Choose a provider that will be there when your kids need them. At TXU Energy, our Customer Care Consultants are available around the clock to help you with anything you may need. We know it doesn’t happen often, but if you need to reach someone in the middle of the night, waiting is not often an option. There’s no need to plan your schedule around your energy company.

  • Look for perks. Find a provider with plenty of easy-to-use products and tools to help you and your child track and control energy usage — keeping costs lower. At TXU Energy, we offer the TXU Energy MyEnergy DashboardSM, BrightenSM Personal Energy Advisor and Energy Thieves Calculator plus a number of other helpful tools – all with easy online account management.

Learn more about us and what makes up the #1 choice in Texas. See the latest apartment energy plans and offers today.