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Parents with adult children increasingly find themselves helping out when it comes to handling the expenses of a first apartment — perhaps for a college student or even a recent college grad starting out on his or her career path. As the #1 choice for electricity in Texas, we've talked to many customers in this situation, so we put together this two-part series to help. We know it's not always easy to balance your desire to help your child against their need for independence — especially if you're the one paying a good chunk of the bills.

So if you're in the position of walking that line between the financial support you provide and the fact that it's very much your child's apartment, utilities in Texas — particularly electricity — pose an opportunity to maintain control over the costs involved without overstepping your parental involvement boundaries.

To begin with, not all complexes are set up to allow renters to choose their own apartment utilities in Texas. But that's not always a bad thing, however. For example, some properties may provide a bundled package of phone, TV and Internet services to their residents at a very reasonable rate, which could work to your advantage.

On the other hand, being able to choose the electricity provider for your child's apartment tends to offer you the same advantages it does for your own home: You can find a plan from a provider with competitive rates to fit your budget, taking the surprise of a huge bill out of the equation.

That is, unless you happen to choose a variable rate plan, which is offered by most electricity providers in Texas. However, TXU Energy does not sell this type of unpredictable plan to our customers.

When you're shopping for apartment utilities in Texas — specifically electricity — variable rate plans should set off a red flag. Why? Some providers lure you in with a low “introductory” or “promotional” rate for the first month of service. After that, they may increase your rate as much as they want, without advanced notice — and you probably won’t realize it until you open your next bill.

In an uncertain world of price increases and rate changes, TXU Energy is determined to be a constant in the lives of our customers. For this reason, we created the TXU Energy Safe Price Promise on month-to-month plans like TXU Energy SureStartSM and TXU Energy Renter’s RewardsSM. We guarantee that our pricing formula won’t change for at least the first six months, except in the limited circumstance of a change in law or regulatory charges. And you’ve got it in writing.

Aside from offering great plans and excellent customer service at TXU Energy, you’ll also find money-saving toolstips and services that will help keep your apartment utilities in Texas under control. Read Part Two of Your Money, Their Apartment: Energy Solutions for Parents with Adult Children.

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