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With the things that you buy on a regular basis, whether it’s clothes, food, gasoline — you name it — getting a good price naturally figures into your decision. After all, why pay more than you have to? That's why, in most of Texas, electricity choice is an important option, and it means you can count on competitive pricing.

And when it comes to making the "Texas electricity choice," you could easily change providers monthly and never run out of choices as you chase the lowest rate from provider to provider. But chasing rates could cost you more than just time. You may end up with a provider that isn't as committed to your needs as they are their own. Is your only alternative to stick to one provider? What if you can't commit for the term?

Fortunately, you still have options, and it comes down to deciding how you plan to use electricity and how long you think you can commit.

Are Term Commitments Worth It?
With three types of plans available in Texas, electricity choice essentially comes down to picking either a variable, indexed or fixed rate plan. Each one corresponds to different customer types and their needs:

  • If you can make a commitment to a provider for a given term (usually anywhere from a few months to a couple years), fixed rate plans, as the name implies, provide you a rate that doesn't change for that term. The only circumstance in which your price could change is to reflect actual changes in law or regulatory charges. In short, fixed rate plans help give you no-fuss electricity service without thinking too much about rising power generation costs.

  • If you'd rather keep your options open, a month-to-month indexed rate plan might be a good option. These plans offer ultimate flexibility with no long-term contract or early cancellation fees, An indexed rate plan is a great option when you want to save money without a long-term commitment.

  • If you don’t mind unpleasant surprises,variable rate plan could be full of them. With these plans, a provider may offer you a tremendously low, introductory rate. After that, your rate can go up by any amount, at any time — with no warning to you at all — at the sole discretion of the provider. Be aware that, in Texas, electricity choice means there are about 200 variable rate plans offered by both large and small providers across the state. At TXU Energy, we think you deserve better and we simply don't offer these plans to our customers.

So whether you want to keep your options open or want the peace of mind that comes with guaranteed price protection for a given time period, now's a great time to get out of the "rate race" in Texas. Electricity choice is your right, so let us help you make the choice that works for you.

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