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When it comes to apartment living, there are plenty of advantages. There’s less maintenance and probably less square footage, which can mean lower monthly utility bills. But are you getting the same benefits from your apartment electric services provider that homeowners enjoy? The answer should be yes!

If you live in an apartment where you can choose your electricity provider, you can take advantage of all the great plans, tools and services as someone who owns a home. But you must choose wisely. Here are just a few of the extras you can expect when you choose TXU Energy for your apartment electric services:

  • Cash Back Loyalty Rewards. TXU Energy has customer loyalty plans that offer a cash back reward on your annual electricity purchases.

  • Renewable Energy. With plans featuring 100% renewable Texas wind power, choosing an eco-friendly apartment electric service provider like TXU Energy is easy. That's good for you and good for the Texas environment.

  • Guaranteed Price Protection. Get real peace of mind that your rate is protected from rising power generation costs with one of our fixed rate plans.

  • Convenient Tools & Payment Options. With the TXU Energy MyAccount feature, you can now have access to all of the things you need to do on the TXU Energy site, all in one convenient place. Manage your account, pay your bill, sign up for AutoPay, paperless billing or average monthly billing and monitor your usage without having to click around the site and find each section. How’s that for saving time?

  • TXU Energy FlexPowerSM.  We offer a unique plan — with no deposit required — that delivers savings, flexibility and ultimate control over your apartment electricity service. Simply sign up, prepay for your electricity and get regular account balance updates via text or email. You decide how often you want to make payments and how much you want to pay. It’s that easy and that great.

Learn more about us and find out why millions of Texans trust TXU Energy for the electricity that powers their homes and businesses. Check out our apartment electric plans and rates now.