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As you to compare rates and quotes from Bounce Energy and the many other electric providers throughout Texas, don’t forget to consider their commitment to quality, service and to you as a customer. At TXU Energy, we’ve earned a reputation for quality, and we go above and beyond what other providers offer with our exclusive Customer Bill of Rights, which frames our beliefs and commitment to our customers. Be sure to do some investigating to find out if other providers make promises like these:

  • Guaranteed Satisfaction. At TXU Energy, we let you review your first bill, and then decide to stay or switch back to your old provider for free. Just call and cancel before the due date of your first bill, and you'll only pay for the electricity you used.

  • Clear Pricing. Make sure your provider offers straightforward terms of service with billing you can understand. For example, with Bounce Energy’s Thrifty Saver Promotional Plan, the price you sign up for is only good for one month, then it will typically change to a higher, but still variable, “standard” rate.* After that, your price can continue to change at any time without advance notice to you. TXU Energy chooses not to offer these “variable rate” plans because the pricing can be very unpredictable for consumers.

  • Good Customer Service. It may not seem important at first, but quality customer service can make all the difference down the road. TXU Energy has responsive, knowledgeable customer care agents available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take care of your electricity needs.

Once you've made the comparison, we're sure you'll discover why more Texans have chosen TXU Energy than any other electricity provider. See our electricity plans and rates.

*Based on plan offered on provider's website and/or as of May 2015.