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Located in the heart of the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, McAllen is known to some as “The Texas Tropics” for its palm-tree-lined boulevards and ideal climate. McAllen residents are passionate about their city, and we are just as passionate about providing affordable, dependable and straightforward McAllen electricity plans to help keep the community cool in the summer and well lit every evening. 

As far as citywide pastimes go, bird watching is a bit more popular in McAllen than researching McAllen electricity providers — which is why we've put together a guide to help you better understand the different kinds of plans offered by electricity companies in McAllen.

Your Electricity Plan Options
In Texas, all electricity plans fall into one of three categories, which are defined by the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT).  The three basic types of McAllen electricity plans include:

  1. Fixed rate electricity plans typically have a minimum service term of three months and a kilowatt-hour (kWh) rate that remains the same for the length of the term. Common term lengths are 6, 12 and 24 months. Fixed rate terms can protect you from fluctuations in energy prices and typically carry fees for canceling service before the end of the term in exchange for the provider's commitment to keep your rate the same. The only circumstance in which your price could change is to reflect actual changes in law or regulatory charges.

  2. Indexed electricity plans can be either month-to-month or fixed-term electricity plans. They come with a rate that's determined by a predefined formula, which is disclosed to you and is based on a public index or other publicly available information. For example, when a rate indexed to the price of natural gas is going down, you'll enjoy a lower price. If it’s going up, your rate could increase as well. However, if you’re on a month-to-month indexed plan, you can switch to a fixed rate at any time.

  3. Variable rate electricity plans have month-to-month rates that can be changed at any time by the retail electric provider based on their sole discretion and without notifying you in advance. That could mean some unwelcome surprise rate changes on your electricity bill. Learn more about unpredictable variable rate plans.

Unlike most electricity providers, when it comes to what's right for McAllen electricity, we think variable rate plans are just too unstable for many customers, and we won't offer them in McAllen — or anywhere else in Texas for that matter. We think it's important to be upfront and honest with our customers, so you never worry about getting a surprise bill due to rate hikes.

Choose a McAllen Electricity Provider You Can Count On
We think you should be completely happy with our services, so we offer the TXU Energy Total Satisfaction Guarantee. If, for any reason, you’re not happy with your service, we’ll help you choose another plan or you can switch for free. Just cancel before the due date of your first bill, and we’ll waive any early cancellation fees. You’ll only pay for the electricity that you use.

And whether you’re moving to McAllen or looking to change electricity companies, we urge you to consider all of the factors that go with choosing a provider before settling on one.

As the #1 choice for electricity in Texas, TXU Energy is committed to the communities we serve and to helping the Texas environment today and tomorrow. Learn more about us and find out why nearly two million customers — from McAllen and across Texas  — choose us as their electricity provider.

Additional Help For Movers
If you’re shopping for McAllen electricity providers, chances are you’re also looking for a new telecommunications company. Here are a couple of the providers that serve your home in McAllen, Texas:

    • AT&T
    • Time Warner Cable

That’s just a small sampling of the telecom companies available to choose from. Just like McAllen electricity providers, on the surface they may all seem the same, but if you dig deeper you'll find that some are just better suited to your needs.

And for information about other McAllen utilities, visit the McAllen Public Utility (MPU) office online.

For affordable electricity rates and dependable service, view the plans and offers from TXU Energy today.