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Did you know that Cypress is home to Tin Hall, the oldest continuously operating reception hall in Texas? They've been hosting dances, wedding receptions and celebrations of all kinds since 1889. TXU Energy has deep Texas roots and we look forward to providing Cypress electricity for many years to come.

While we know that picking a Cypress electricity provider may not be as fun as kicking up your heels, we think that it can be a bit easier when you know your options. So here’s some information to help make an informed decision about your electricity so you can get right back to dancing the night away.

Your Electricity Plan Options
Cypress electricity plans — and the plans everywhere else in Texas for that matter — fall into one of three categories: fixed, indexed and variable rate plans. The rate in each type refers to what you pay for each kilowatt hour (kWh) of electricity you use, and it can be tempting to simply choose the provider whose rate is the lowest. After all, electricity is electricity, right?

The trouble with shopping for a Cypress electricity plan based only on your kWh rate is that — while you might get a surprisingly low rate for the first month or so — you may be in for an equally surprising shock when you open your second or third bill. That's what can happen with variable rate plans, which have month-to-month terms and a rate that can be adjusted at any time by the provider, with no advance warning. In fact, we've seen rates more than double with these plans.

But you can avoid skyrocketing rates with us because we don't offer variable rate plans. Unlike some providers, our approach is to help you find an electricity plan that meets your specific needs and your lifestyle. Whether you like the security of longer-term price protection or the flexibility of saving on a month-to-month basis, our goal is to help you find a plan with straightforward, affordable pricing and easy-to-understand terms. That's just the way we do business. We're here for the long haul, not just to get your business based on gimmicky rate promotions that don't last.

Truth is, there are some electricity providers who come and go in Cypress and all across Texas. By contrast, TXU Energy is determined to be a Cypress electricity provider you can truly count on. That's one of the reasons we offer a Safe Price Promise on our popular TXU Energy SureStartSM month-to-month plan. We guarantee your pricing formula won’t change for at least the first six months of your plan, except in the limited circumstance of a change in law or regulatory charges. And you’ve got that in writing — on a plan with no long-term commitment.

We’re certain we have the right plan for you. So if you're not happy with the plan you originally select, we welcome you to select a new plan before the due date of your first bill with no cancellation fees, no hassles — no problem. That’s the TXU Energy Total Satisfaction Guarantee. You only pay for the electricity you used.

We work hard for our customers and always keep their best interest in mind. From our rewards programs to our efforts to decrease our environmental footprint, we’re in this for you and for Texas. Learn more about us and find out why millions of Texans — from Cypress and across the Lone Star State  — trust us for the electricity that powers their homes and businesses.

New to Cypress? We've Got Help for Movers.
We’re sure you have plenty on your mind — aside from finding a new Cypress electricity provider. That's one of the reasons we put together a library of helpful resources for movers in the TXU Energy Move Center. You'll find helpful packing tips, to-do lists and even insight about picking a mover. It's all part of what we do to go above and beyond for our customers.

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