TXU Energy MarketEdgeSM is a month-to-month plan that lets customers take advantage of the fluctuating price of natural gas.

  • Benefit from downward trends in the price of natural gas.*
  • Monitor the monthly price of natural gas and how and when you use electricity to anticipate your monthly electricity charges.
  • Take advantage of a month-to-month plan that carries no early cancellation fee.

TXU Energy MarketEdgeSM is a indexed price plan that includes an energy charge plus a Monthly Natural Gas Component Charge that will reflect the last settled price of the NYMEX Natural Gas Futures Contract at contract expiration for the billing month* (which is established by NYMEX in the final week of the month preceding the billing month).

Pricing and Details

* Billing month is defined as the calendar month in which a customer's meter is read by the Transmission and Distribution Utility (TDU)