Texas Electricity Rates and Plans

If you’ve just moved to Texas or need to find an electricity plan for the first time, choosing the best provider to meet your needs can seem pretty daunting. This is especially the case if you have a short period to make the decision in while you also juggle packing boxes, renting a moving truck, and finding temporary storage when you relocate.

Even for those of us who have lived in Texas for a while are often left wondering if they have a plan that is the best value—especially during those hot Texas summers we have to endure.

Why So Many Electricity Choices?

In 2002, the Texas Senate passed Bill 7 enabling Texans to choose their own electricity service if they lived in an area not served by a municipality, like Austin and San Antonio, or a utility cooperative. Now, much of the Lone Star State’s population lives in an area that offers options when it comes to electricity plans.

Deregulation has resulted in energy costs that are lower than other parts of the country that still operate under non-competitive energy systems.

What Types of Plans Are Available?

  • Renewable Energy. There are a number of electricity plans and programs that help Texas be a cleaner, greener place to live. These innovative options allow you to choose electricity generated from solar and wind farms right here in Texas.

  • Guaranteed Price Protection. We all like to know what to expect when it comes to our electricity rates. TXU Energy offers plans that lock in a guaranteed price over a fixed period so that you can avoid any increases in power generation costs.

  • Cash-back Rewards. It’s great to get a little cash back for energy we’d already be using anyway. Get 3% cash back on your electricity costs when you select our cash back loyalty rewards plan.

Straightforward Pricing. Some Texas electricity companies rope their customers in by offering an attractive low rate that only lasts for the first few months the power is turned on. Then it can jump considerably or include penalties if you use more than what the plan allows. Here at TXU Energy, we never resort to tricks or gimmicks to get you to sign up—instead, we offer guaranteed rates with straightforward pricing that won’t take you by surprise.

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