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Midland earned its name by being the halfway point between Fort Worth and El Paso, Texas. With its rich history and easy-going atmosphere, it’s an ideal place to live. If you are moving to Midland, you’ll get to enjoy the many perks this city has to offer.

Nationally Recognized
The 1923 oil discovery in the Permian Basin transformed Midland. It became the administrative center of the West Texas oil fields, and the basin now produces one-fifth of the nation’s natural gas and petroleum, which remains a big reason why moving to Midland is in the cards for many families. Midland is also the hometown of former President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush.

Low Crime Rate
Moving to Midland means you’ll enjoy a low crime rate, so it’s a good place to raise a family. Midlanders take pride in keeping their neighborhoods safe, and its friendly atmosphere and laid-back lifestyle make Midland easy to get used to.

Good Job Market
Midland is experiencing a bit of a boom in new construction, which means new jobs and opportunities for residents. Also, Midland’s neighbor city, Odessa, is only a 20-minute commute, giving you even more job prospects.

Lots to Do
Midland has plenty of places to eat and things to do. From the Marian Blakemore Planetarium to the Fredda Durham Children’s Museum, opportunities to learn and have fun are everywhere. If you love the outdoors, also be sure to check out the Sibley Nature Center. It’s located on the edge of Hogan Park and has winding nature trails and a research library.

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