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Whether you’re moving across the state or across the country, the more you know about the company packing and moving your belongings, the better you’ll feel. Asking the right questions will help you make an informed decision and select the right company for you. As the #1 choice of Texans, TXU Energy is here to help with your move, and we’ve compiled a starter list of moving company questions we hope you’ll find useful as you prepare.

Does your company do any work for businesses in the area?
If the moving company does a lot of moving for businesses and residents in your area, it could indicate they do quality work. Ask for local referrals.

How long has your company been around? 
If the company has been around for a while and has been providing good service to their customers for many years, it is usually a sign they are doing something right. In addition to checking references, call the Better Business Bureau to check your potential mover’s reputation.

How will you take care of...?
Ask about anything that concerns you. This is a way to test the moving company, as well as to see how you might be treated in any given situation. It is a positive sign if they take the time to give you a complete answer for any concerns you may have. Plus, if they've been around a while, there likely won't be too many moving company questions they haven't heard.

What kind of estimate do you provide?
A non-binding estimate can change, depending on the actual weight of your shipment.  A binding estimate is fixed – whether the actual weight is more or less. The ideal answer to this question is a binding not-to-exceed estimate. With this kind of estimate, the price cannot go up, but if your weight ends up being less than expected, your price may go down.

What is my delivery schedule?
This may be one of the most critical moving company questions you can ask. When moving across the country, many movers will ask for a window of two or more days for the delivery period.

Be wary of any moving company offering dates that appear too good to be true. Rushed moves can sometimes make for disasters or mistakes. On the other hand, beware of a delivery date that seems too far in the future. A week could be reasonable for a cross-country move, but is probably too long for a move within the state.

Are you a green moving company?
If it’s important to you, ask your potential moving company if they are environmentally friendly. Green moving company questions could include:

  • Do you use recyclable packing materials?
  • Do you rent boxes or sell used boxes?
  • Are you willing to help me pack as efficiently as possible, using containers I already have?
  • Do you use biodiesel fuel in your moving trucks?

The answers to these questions will help you make a good decision if hiring an environmentally friendly moving company is a priority for you.

For more information about moving company questions and considerations, plus tips to help make your move easier, visit the TXU Energy Move Center. And when you're ready to get help with choosing the right electricity plan for your new home, take a look at all we offer.