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Ready… set… relocate? Not quite. Unfortunately, it's not that simple, but a relocation checklist can help make your move easier. Just make sure these five things are on your list.

  1. De-clutter your home.
    Cleaning out your home now will make moving that much easier later. Take another look at all the miscellaneous stuff in your closets and off-site storage. Decide if you want to take it to your new home or if you can live without it. Sometimes it helps to organize things in four main groups:

    Keep: the things you’re going to move with you.

    Toss: all the broken, worthless or otherwise useless junk that piles up because you never quite get around to repairing it.

    Donate: perfectly good items you can donate to charity instead of moving.

    Sell: unwanted items, if there’s time for it, to raise some extra cash with a garage sale, craigslist.org or your local “penny-saver.”

  2. Secure important documents.
    Organize important documents including insurance policies, birth certificates, medical records, home and car titles and bank account information so that it's all in one place. Keeping important information safe will prevent problems during a move such as stolen documents or identity theft.

  3. Forward mail to your new address.
    Your relocation checklist should include forwarding mail from your current address to your new one. Visit the United States Postal Service Web site and easily change your address online. You may also want to alert credit card companies, magazines and billing centers of your new address, many of which also have online functionality to assist you. Don’t forget to tell your friends and relatives, too!

  4. Take care of old business.
    Besides packing your belongings, take a moment and make sure to return unread library books, rented movies and items borrowed from neighbors. Clean out your gym locker or your child's school locker. Make sure that loose ends are tied up so you can start fresh in your new city.

  5. Shut off utility services.
    Next on your relocation checklist is a reminder to turn off utility services including cable or satellite TV, water, gas, phone, Internet and electricity. Also, now is a good time to look into utility providers for your new home. If you want to beat the Texas heat, go with the #1 choice in Texas for electricity – TXU Energy.

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