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At TXU Energy, we know there are many details to consider when moving with kids and we know how important it is to collect your child’s school records before you move. Schools get these kinds of requests on a regular basis, so the school secretary, registrar or counselor should be very helpful. In addition, we put together a few tips about how to get school records.

Your new school will typically want an official, sealed copy of your child’s school records. Your old school can mail these or provide you a copy to hand-deliver. These records will include report cards as well as results on standardized tests.

Many private schools will require additional information on your child’s capabilities. If so, create a list of your child’s achievements – a résumé if you will – to provide a well-rounded picture of your child. Be sure to include a list of any awards your child has received.

In addition, here's a checklist for how to get school records together to make your child’s entry into a new school as seamless as possible:

  • Make a list of addresses and contact information for every school your child has attended.
  • Gather copies of all transcripts and report cards for all years your child has attended school. Keep in mind the new school will typically request a sealed, official copy.
  • Create a detailed list, including publication date, publisher, author and title of the textbooks your child has used in their most current year (or two years.)
  • Make a list of the courses your child has completed. Request course outlines from your child’s teacher(s). Course outlines will show what topics your child has covered and will give the new school a good idea of how to place your son or daughter.
  • Keep copies of graded tests and exams.
  • Keep samples of work that has been completed and graded.
  • Gather letters from counselors, tutors and teachers that highlight your child's strengths, weaknesses and interests.
  • Make a list of your child's hobbies, volunteer work and all extra-curricular activities.
  • Keep your child's immunization records handy. Most schools need to know your child's medical history.
  • To be sure you have all your bases covered, inquire at the new school to find out what is required for registration. Then be sure to give your child’s current school plenty of time to process your request. 

Gathering your child's school records is just part of the moving process – a process that includes a lot of other details you may not have considered.

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