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Everyday, TXU Energy helps make it easier for families to move, and we know that changing schools, for some kids, requires a little extra TLC from Mom and Dad. For example, you may be helping your child adjust to a much larger (or much smaller) school or making the move from public to private school (or vice-versa.)

Even if your child is a veteran at changing schools, it’s natural to have some anxiety about being the “new kid,” so we’ve compiled a few tips to hep you work with your kids and make the best of moving to a new school. 

Start Early
Take some time before the first day of school to:

  1. Attend an orientation. Making a summer move? Most schools schedule an orientation to kick off each new school year. It’s a great opportunity to meet teachers and staff and begin to get acquainted with the school. If you’re arriving mid-year, arrange a visit before your child’s first day in class. 

    For your elementary age child, this visit allows the teacher to tell your child a little about the class, answer any questions and help your little one feel comfortable with the new school. 

    Older kids can benefit from a “shadowing” day at school to get oriented. If you make a house-hunting visit ahead of your move, see if your new school will allow your child to come shadow a fellow student for the day.

  2. Help your child get placed properly. When changing schools, there are likely to be some small curriculum gaps or overlaps between your child’s old school and new school. Make a list of textbooks your child is using this year to compare to what is in use at the new school. You should also obtain report cards and official transcripts. For your older kids, you’ll need to pay special attention to prerequisites and course alignment.

  3. Talk about it. Discuss any fears your child may have about changing schools. Sometimes, just talking things out can help ease their worries. Listen to them, try to hear their concerns and help walk through scenarios so they can confront and maybe resolve some of their fears ahead of time.

  4. Practice social skills with your child. Since making friends is one of the best ways to make changing schools a success, demonstrate to your child how to talk with new people – by role-playing with people he or she already knows. Even the family pet can help – ask your little one what he or she would say when meeting Scruffy for the first time. When you make it a game, somehow it's just not a big deal anymore. 

  5. Check out extracurricular activities. Being part of a group can help ease a child into the process of changing schools. Most schools in Texas have a wide range of educational after-school programs that include sports, band, academic clubs and much more. Visit the school's Web site, or get a brochure with information on extracurricular activities from the school's office. Go through these materials with your child and see what piques his or her interest.

Once you’ve arrived, continue to help ease your child’s transition. Here are some simple things you can do that could make a difference:

  • Create a consistent routine. Especially during the first several weeks of adjusting to a new school, maintaining a routine helps give your child a sense of stability. Drop your child off at the same time and place each day, if possible, and make sure to give plenty of encouragement.
  • Welcome new friends into your home. Encourage your child to invite classmates for play dates. Older kids can invite classmates over to study or to work on school projects.
  • Get involved at school yourself. Volunteer to be the teacher's helper, go on field trips or join the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA). Your involvement can help your child feel more comfortable. In addition, you’ll be better informed when your child talks to you about what is happening at school.

These are just a few ways to help your kids with the challenge of changing schools after moving to a new city. To learn more about successfully moving with your kids to Texas, visit the TXU Energy Move Center.

And when you're ready to find the right electricity plan for your new home, take a look at all we have to offer. As the #1 choice for electricity in Texas, we know your trust is earned, and we'll do what's right for your family.

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