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Having helped many of our customers get set up in their new homes, we've heard and seen our fellow Texans use some creative ways to move their belongings. Moving pods are one such innovation, and packing them properly can help protect your belongings and minimize your cost. Here are some tips for expertly packing your moving pod:

Choose the right size. Companies that rent moving pods can help you estimate the right size container. Naturally, you want everything to fit, but an oversize container may allow your belongings to shift during transit, plus you’ll be paying for space you don’t need.

Label boxes. Think about the unpacking process even while you’re packing. Organize and keep similar things together. Clearly label your boxes by room and by content, for example, “Master Bath – Blue Towels” or “Kitchen – Glassware.”
Fill your moving boxes completely. Professional packers fill boxes so they maintain their shape and can be stacked without collapsing. One trick to doing this is to use linens or packing paper in the empty areas between irregular-shaped items.  

Maintain each box's shape. Resist the temptation to over-pack boxes. If the sides or top bulge, boxes won't stack evenly in your moving pods.

Consider your back. Don’t pack a box you can’t easily lift.  A full box of books might be too much to handle. Instead, pack half the box with books, and fill the other half with lightweight items.

Stack lighter boxes on top. This will help prevent the heavier boxes from possibly crushing the lighter ones. Also, it’s a lot easier to lift those lighter boxes!

Use moving pads to protect furniture. These soft pads keep your cloth, leather or wood furniture from getting damaged. Disassemble larger items for easier packing.

Don't save all the boxes for the end. Mix furniture, boxes and smaller items throughout your moving pods so that the weight is evenly distributed.

Use tie-downs. Ensure that your belongings stay in one place when transported to your new home or storage facility by using ropes or furniture straps.

Some things don’t store or move well. Don’t pack the following items in your moving pod: 

  • Engine parts
  • Hazardous materials
  • Small motorized vehicles
  • Caged animals
  • Food items
  • Flammables

Before your moving pods are delivered:
It’s a great idea to set up your electricity service before your pod is delivered, so you can dedicate as much time as you want to unloading. With adequate lights and heating or cooling, the task will be much easier.

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