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When making the move to Texas, or even within the state, you may want to consider getting moving insurance for added peace of mind. Moving insurance protects your belongings whether they are damaged or lost. Knowing your goods are safe, secured and insured may help you concentrate more on moving and less on what could go wrong.

Moving insurance provides:

  1. Security Against Fraud
    A moving insurance policy will help protect you from potential pitfalls during a move. Sometimes, people trust their belongings to an unknown moving company only to find out later that some items are missing. If this happens, having an additional insurance policy will help out.
  2. Coverage in Case of Accidents
    A moving insurance policy will cover any items that are damaged accidentally during a move such as broken furniture, electronics, decorative pieces and china.
  3. Compensation for Damaged Items
    If you only sign up for the minimal “released value” coverage, then a moving company will only be responsible for up to $0.60 per pound of each item moved. If you are moving in-state, the moving company may be liable for even less. Your porcelain vase may not weigh much but it’s worth a lot more than that. Make sure your valuables are covered with supplemental moving insurance.
  4. Protection from Unnecessary Charges
    Moving insurance can protect you from hidden charges from a moving company. To avoid this, you can also make sure the contract you sign lists all the charges for the move upfront.

While moving insurance has many benefits, it is not a required expense. If you choose to purchase moving insurance, talk to your insurance agent or purchase a policy from a broker like movinginsurance.com.

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