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You've found a new place to live in the Lone Star State, and you’re ready to go! But first things first: decide whether you want to move everything yourself or hire a moving service. Self-moving and hiring a mover both have their own pros and cons, and it just depends on your needs.

Moving Yourself

  • More control over the process as a whole. When you’re self-moving, you decide where to place things and how they're handled.
  • More flexibility because you won't have to carefully plan dates and work around when a moving company is available, especially if your move has to be during peak moving seasons – the end of a month or weekend, for example.
  • Less cost because professional moving services can be a sizable expense depending on who you choose, how much you’re moving and how far away your new home is. If resources are limited, self-moving usually means less expense.


  • More to keep track of, both with your possessions and the logistics of the actual act of moving. At times, self-moving could feel as though you’ll be juggling a hundred different details at once.
  • More responsibility for lost or damaged items, unless you purchase moving insurance.
  • Less time earning your income, if not carefully planned. There is the possibility of missing valuable workdays if it takes longer to move than you expected.

Hiring a Mover

  • Save time when you hire a moving or van service that can probably get things done much quicker. And if time is truly money, being efficient about your move is a definite plus.
  • More protection for your possessions because most professional companies provide a reimbursement plan for lost or damaged belongings. This reduces personal liability to you.
  • Less work from all the heavy lifting, so there’ll be much less physical stress to deal with.


  • Less control by having strangers in your home and handling personal belongings. Most movers are quite professional, but not everyone is comfortable with this.
  • More research to get a good deal when hiring a reputable service. One tip: angieslist.com is a great place to read reviews and get recommendations on a variety of services, including movers.
  • You still have to supervise the entire process. Even when you hire a professional moving service, you’ll want to be available to supervise if you want it done right.

Whether you choose self-moving or hire a company, be sure to set up your electricity provider in your new home before you move. This way, you or the movers can bring the boxes and furniture into your home with the lights on and the A/C running.

And if you’re moving to Texas or to a new area within the state, look into the money-saving benefits of signing up for TXU Energy, the #1 electricity provider in the state. With low rates and a number of plans to suit your needs, we’re here to help make your move to Texas a smooth one. Visit the TXU Energy Move Center and let us know how we can help!

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