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Whether you're hiring a moving company or you're doing it yourself, you’ll probably have to move a car. Moving companies might charge a large fee to move a car or recreational vehicle so you may want to handle it yourself instead. Here are a few options to explore:

  • Plan a trip prior to the move.
    Yes, that means you drive it yourself. Depending on how far you are moving and gas prices at the time, you could either have a family member follow you and bring you back, or you could book a one-way plane trip home. 

  • Have a professional tow your car.
    If you’re a member of an auto club like AAA, call them and ask for their towing rates from your current residence to your future home. Again, depending on the distance, this could be an affordable option. These companies are known to have tow trucks on hand for emergencies, but for a charge, they will also move a car for you.

  • Tow the car yourself.
    This is perhaps the most affordable option. Companies like U-Haul allow you to rent a truck with a hitch specifically for towing purposes. For a set rate, plus the cost of gas, you can move a car yourself on moving day and turn in the rental truck at the U-Haul nearest your new home.

  • Hire an auto shipper.
    This is a more expensive option, but possibly the most hassle-free. You can find an auto shipper by searching online or discussing this with your mover. Auto shippers will pick up your car and drop it off at your new home. Make sure that the company is fully insured to move a car across the country before handing over the keys.

However you decide to move your car to your new home, make sure to have your electricity set up before the road trip. If the lights are working and the air conditioning is on, you can save the price of a hotel that night. For low electricity rates, check out the #1 choice in Texas for electricity – TXU Energy.

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