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Moving time is a perfect opportunity to declutter your old home and dispose of items you don’t want or need in your new home. One solution is to have a garage sale. But do you know how to have a successful garage sale?

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Here at TXU Energy, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands set-up electricity service around the state when they moved. We want to make your move a little easier so we've gathered these tips to help you have a successful garage sale:

  1. Start with plenty of change. Go to the bank the day before and make sure you have cash for making change – start with 20 ones, 10 fives and 5 ten dollar bills, plus plenty of coins. A cash box and calculator are handy items to have on hand, too. As you collect money throughout the day, move some of the cash into a safe place inside.
  2. Display your items. Think about making it easy for shoppers to see what you have. Set up plenty of tables and organize your items by grouping like things together. Set up a clothes rack or string a clothesline to display clothing.  A corkboard and pushpins work beautifully to display your costume jewelry. Get books out of boxes and onto a table or shelf.  If you have a special piece – an antique chair, or a beautiful dollhouse, for example – position it front and center to draw in traffic from the street.
  3. Get your kids in the act. Allow your children to organize their outgrown toys and other personal items and set up their own table. The money they earn from the sale can be earmarked to purchase something for their new room.
  4. Have plenty of bags. Having plastic grocery store bags on hand for people with multiple purchases might encourage them to buy more. It's also a great way to clear out some space in your kitchen! Selling crystal or other fragile items? Have tissue paper and newspaper on hand and offer to wrap purchases, too.
  5. Plug in an extension cord. You may be selling electrical gizmos like lamps or small appliances, and people want to make sure these things work before buying. Also, make sure to have working light bulbs in your lamps and don't sell anything with frayed cords or questionable wiring unless you note that on the item.
  6. Offer refreshments. It’s easy to whip up a few batches of slice-and-bake cookies the night before. If the weather is warm, offer small cups of lemonade or iced tea. Your shoppers just might browse a little longer, which is one way to enhance your chances of having a successful garage sale.
  7. Use the term "moving sale." On all your sale signs and in your newspaper ads, highlight the words "moving sale." This tells people you are trying to minimize your possessions for a move and are serious about selling. Sure, a little extra money is nice, but the point of having a garage sale in this case is lightening your load before you move. So price your items reasonably, and be ready to haggle – but also be ready to accept any reasonable offer.
  8. Finish the job. Toward the end of the day, offer a deal to anyone who might purchase the bulk of your remaining items. Give away everything else. Many charities will come to your home to pick up clothing, furniture, appliances, toys and other goods. If you only have a few things left, deliver them yourself to your favorite charitable organization. And if you manage to end up with nothing left, we'd say you know how to have a successful garage sale!

If you are moving to Texas, it's a good idea to go ahead and have your electricity turned on in your new home before the big move. At TXU Energy, we want to help you to find a plan that fits both your budget and lifestyle. Learn more about our plans today.