As a mover, you've got a lot on your mind. You might even forget a thing or two along the way. To help keep you on track, here's a moving timeline. Good luck and happy moving!

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Try to allow at least 30 days for the entire process, and try to avoid weekends and the last days of a month for your actual moving date if you decide to use movers. Moving companies typically charge more during peak moving times.

6-8 Weeks Before

  • Research your new community – local chambers of commerce are a good place to start.
  • Take inventory of what you want to take with you and what you can sell, donate or discard.
  • Schedule a set packing day. Or better yet, start slowly packing. You can find boxes and supplies at retail stores, moving companies and storage units.
  • Arrange to have your current utilities shut-off and start researching new companies. You can start or transfer service with us easily. Just saying.
  • Change your postal address and notify your credit card company, insurance company, online subscriptions, etc.
  • Schedule movers or reserve moving equipment.

2-4 Weeks Before Your Move

  • Pack most of your belongings.
  • Safely dispose of all hazardous materials (surplus paint, solvents, etc.) – especially if they're flammable.
  • Service your vehicle if you’re driving to your new home.
  • Schedule the transfer of services to your new home.
  • Inspect your current home and make a list of repairs.

1 Week Before Your Move

  • Dispose of perishable foods and consider donating nonperishable foods you don’t want to a local food bank.
  • Arrange for child/pet care for moving day.
  • Pre-pack suitcases.
  • Clean your current home.

Moving Day

  • Pack bed linens in dresser drawers for ease of moving.
  • If using a moving company, be available to supervise the process and get copies of shipping documents.
  • Take a deep breath, relax and get moving!