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You’ve moved in, utilities are on and the unpacking is done (or almost).  Time to get out and explore this big state you and TXU Energy call home.

Texas has the most highway miles of any state in the U.S. — 3,233.4 miles to be exact. Texas highways connect every part of the state — whether you’re traveling from Corpus Christi to Houston, Waco to Dallas, or Midland to Wichita Falls.

Get Yourself Oriented.
This list of Texas highways includes nine major interstate highways, plus dozens of additional interstate and state highways, connecting its major cities and facilitating travel between Texas and neighboring states:

  • I-10 traverses south-central Texas from west to east, from El Paso through San Antonio and Houston and on to the eastern border. 
  • A bit further north, I-20 crosses the state, connecting Abilene, Fort Worth and Dallas.
  • I-40 bisects the panhandle through Amarillo.
  • I-45 begins at Galveston and runs north through Houston to Dallas
  • I-30 runs from Fort Worth northeast to the Arkansas border
  • I-35 begins at Laredo near the Mexican border, and runs northeast through Austin and Dallas-Fort Worth.

TxTags Help You Move Quickly. 
Texas is ahead of the curve when it comes to responding to big-city traffic congestion. Texas Tollways is a modern network of toll roads and express toll lanes that help reduce traffic jams and keep Texans moving. A TxTag gives drivers access to toll roads in Dallas, Austin, Tyler, Houston and Laredo. A TxTag pays tolls electronically — so drivers don’t have to slow down or stop at a tollbooth. To get a TxTag when you move to Texas, visit Texas Tollways.

Enjoy the Beauty of Texas.
Texas highways are not only practical — getting you where you need to go — they also showcase all the beauty the state has to offer. For instance, I-10 winds from El Paso in the Big Bend Country of southwest Texas, through San Antonio on the South Texas Plains, and all the way to Houston and Beaumont on the Gulf Coast.

Come spring, many Texans will head out of town to one of the state’s many scenic wildflower routes, especially when the bluebonnets are in bloom. During March, April, and May, the Texas Department of Transportation provides information on where bluebonnets are blooming via their telephone hotline at 1-800-452-9292.

Texas is a big place to explore, and discovering it by car is a great way to really take in all the sights. You can even pick up a little history thanks to the more than 15,000 historical markers that dot our highways and roads. Enjoy your travels. And enjoy straightforward pricing and peace of mind that comes from being with the #1 choice in Texas, from TXU Energy.