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These days, kids get environmental messages virtually everywhere – at school, in video games, cartoons, movies and more. And at TXU Energy, we know that nothing makes a difference like the choices we make at home. While the notion of an eco-friendly home might conjure up images of lush gardens, urban chicken coops, vegetarian dinners and your own solar array, in reality, teaching your kids to make greener choices can be as simple as grocery shopping together or packing a school lunch.

Not convinced? Take a look at these small ways you can work with your kids to create a more eco-friendly home:

  • Recycle – Slip two bins under your kitchen sink – one for trash and one for recyclables. If your kids aren’t sure which items are recyclable, type up a list with pictures and tape it to the front of the bin.
  • Compost – And plant a garden. By saving scraps of vegetable-based foods, you can compost your waste and enrich your soil. Once it’s ready, you can plant a garden and help your kids understand where their food comes from and teach them to garden without pesticides.
  • Pack lunches together – Instead of slipping them a few dollars for the school cafeteria, invest in a reusable lunch box and storage containers. Then after dinner you can pack their lunch together. (And if you can squeeze in some veggies from your garden, even better!)
  • Watch water waste – Teach them not to leave the water running while brushing their teeth and install a shower timer to remind them to take shorter showers.
  • Use green cleansers – From phosphate-free dishwashing and laundry detergent to using white vinegar on your windows, there are many green cleaning options you can buy or make yourself.

For more tips on creating an eco-friendly home for your family, read our complete green series: 

Renewable Energy Options
TXU Energy also offers renewable energy plan options that can help you save money while you're doing your part to save natural resources.